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The Genius Party

It's Better Than Sharp Sticks In The Eye!

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Writers write. Writer's can't not write. But sometimes writers have difficulty finding time for their writing. This community endeavors to assist writers, young writers especially, in forming good habits for their creative work. This is a community for writers and those aspiring to be writers to hone their craft through practice and criticism from fellow writers. The emphasis in the group is on improvement, rather than competition; as such, criticism will focus on identifying strengths in a piece of writing and advising the author on how to enhance those strengths.

Each week, the moderator will post three prompts, to which members may respond in whatever way they deem fit. The prompts are not meant to be assignments, but rather serve as inspiration. To maintain membership in the community, members must post at least two submissions and two critiques each month. Responses should include the prompt number and the author's name in the subject line, in the following format: "SUB #23: Alex K. Rich." Critiques should include the same information, as well as the critiquer's name, in the format: "CRIT #23: Alex K. Rich/JenLux." You may sumbit more than one response for each prompt, as well as revisions of previous submissions. Denote those with the appropriate term in parentheses after the prompt number: "SUB #23(2nd)," or "SUB #23(rewrite)." Additionally, you may submit writing to the group that is not based on the prompts. To differentiate those submissions, the subject line should include the title of the piece and the author's name, in this format: "ESUB: Under Tables/Andromeda Macri," or "ECRIT: Under Tables/Andromeda Macri (Jerry Madden)." All posts should use the "ljcut" tag to conserve space.

MEMBERS MAY NOT USE OTHER MEMBERS' WRITING FOR PURPOSES OTHER THAN THOSE DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE ACTIVITIES OF THIS COMMUNITY WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED PERMISSION OF THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR. Members may not use other members' writing for purposes other than those directly connected to the activities of this community without the expressed permission of the original author. Blatant usurping of another writer's ideas, characters, plots, or words will result in immediate expulsion from the community. An archive of submissions will be kept with author names and dates submitted, for copyright purposes.

This community is currently not active.